I hold this fist full of degenerate ideas for every genius that was murdered in the name of Jesus. Still death to the bells that claim to “free us” but I pay homage to my melody cuz shes the sweetest. The core of our spirit is naked, the form of its lyrics are sacred. Blanketed by the original sound of the inner vibration, I’m floatin on the soft clouds of positive creation. See I can look at a painting and admire the colors or appreciate any type of art that I discover but what I dids invisible, its my teacher and I’m its student, I tell you ain’t nothing quite as beautiful as music.

Anonymous asked:

Who is that Bill Hicks guy you posted about awhile back?

He was a great comedian who died way before his time. He could have changed the world given enough time. Let his memory and wisdom live on, watch his comedy specials and documentary.